I made my first trip to Uganda in 2006, as part of a photography and film workshop. My plan was to learn how to become a photographer for NGOs and then travel the world to do just that. What happened instead changed my life in a very meaningful way. I fell in love with the children at an orphanage in the small town of Kajjansi. When I came home, I decided to dedicate myself to the children there, and I started a not-for-profit group called "Change the Truth." Over the course of the next 13 years, we raised over a million dollars to help feed, clothe, and educate the kids. We built a new kitchen, put in gardens, added solar lighting, created a marching band, installed a computer lab, and I brought over more than 75 volunteers to teach yoga, art, sewing, music, photography, etc. We hired a full time social worker to live on the grounds and work with the children on a daily basis. Oh, and all along the way, I made photographs. Banana Leaf, KajjansiChildren in Front of Chalkboard,  Magada, 2006Boy with Ball, Kajjansi, 2007Masks, Kajjansi, Uganda, 2007Sidelong Glance, Kawuku, 2011Two School Girls, Kajjansi, 2013Boxer, Kampala, UgandaTwo Boys, Kajjansi, 2010Girl Laughing, Kajjansi, 2006Washing Blankets, Kajjansi, 2006Homemade Gun, Gulu, 2007Goat, Kajjansi, 2009Mother and Son, Buyingi, 2006Three Girls, Kajjansi, UgandaDesk, KajjansiHands in Sky, Kajjansi, 2006Goat Heads, Kajjansi, 2010Boy in Suit, Gulu, 2007Flower, Magada, 2006Sunrise, Kajjansi, UgandaBoxer, Kampala, Uganda, 2006Boxer's Back, Kampala, Uganda, 2006Mother and Son, KajjansiGirl Bathing, KajjansiYoung Boy, KajjansiTwo Children Resting, UgandaGirls Bathing, KajjansiBraids, Kajjansi, 2012Boy and Goat, Kampala, 2019Jump Rope, Kajjansi, 2019Mother and Baby, Kampala, 2019Bingo Game, Kajjansi, Uganda