These pictures were made at the sites of several Nazi concentration and death camps in central Europe. They are not only about the places, but also about those who died there. At least seven million people left their footprints at these camps before they were murdered and discarded. In this work, I tried to acknowledge and honor their presence and to suggest a now-sacred place where meaningful lives were horrifically snuffed out. What began as a means to satisfy my own struggle to understand what the Holocaust survivors described to me, the project unearthed personal feelings of responsibility to bear witness to the places where so many were killed, to pass on this visual information before the evidence eventually disintegrates/disappears, and to honor the memories of those whose lives were taken and those whose lives were forever altered.

Front Gate, Auschwitz, 2001Gas Chamber, Majdanek, 2003Barbed Wire, Dachau, 2001Bent Tree, Auschwitz-Birkenau, 2003Barbed Wire, Terezin, 2001Photo of Prisoner, Auschwitz, 2003Disinfection Chamber, Dachau, 2001Cloud and Barbed Wire, Stutthof, 2003Barrack, Majdanek, 2003Skyward, Stutthof, 2003Victims' Shoes, Auschwitz, 2001Graffiti in Gas Chamber, Dachau, 2001Victims' Suitcases, Auschwitz, 2001Victims' Hair, Auschwitz, 2001Barbed Wire, Stutthof, 2003Stream, Auschwitz-Birkenau, 2001Guard's Tower, Birkenau, 2001Pond of Human Ashes, Auschwitz-Birkenau, 2003Solitary Confinement Cell, Auschwitz, 2001Watchtower, Majdanek, 2003View from Train, Poland, 2003