Because of the pandemic, I haven't been able to make too many of the kinds of pictures I usually make. Not being able to be around people can cramp the style of someone who mostly photographs human beings.

Basically, I had to find new things to photograph.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of traditional black and white landscape photography, but I began to explore its possibilities during 2020.
Moon, Joshua Tree National Park, 2021Tree and Cloud, Joshua Tree National ParkFigure, Joshua Tree National Park, 2021Leaning Figure, Joshua Tree National Park, 2021Single Tree, Joshua Tree National Park, 2021Cactus Garden at Sunrise, Joshua Tree National Park, 2021Early Morning, Arch Cape, 2020Beach Grass, Sunset, Manzanita, 2021Cloud Stripes, Sunset, Sauvie Island, 2020Five Snow Geese, Sauvie Island, 2021Clouds and Trees, Sauvie Island, 2021Rock Formations, Joshua Tree National Park, 2021Beach Grass with Opening, Manzanita, 2021Sand Pattern 1, Arch Cape, 2020Sand Pattern 2, Arch Cape, 2020Sand Pattern 3, Arch Cape, 2020Sand Pattern 4, Arch Cape, 2020Beach Grass, Manzanita, 2021Sand Pattern 5, Arch Cape, 2020Cloud, Arch Cape, 2020