Life seems increasingly mysterious the older I get, and I find I'm looking much more closely at both the mystery and the beauty that surrounds and intrigues me. Now in the early stages of this next chapter of my photographic journey - and my life - I'd simply like to quote Jungian psychoanalyst Terrill Gibson, with whom I recently shared this new work. We were discussing how our creative practices are changing as we age: "There is a growing neurological research consensus that perhaps the peak of human wisdom functioning occurs in our 80's and 90's. The neural signaling between the synapses does slow down, but there is also a more contemplative, wide horizon neural architecture. Depth creativity increases. Judgement and wisdom are more richly produced by this mature neurology. Things get stripped down to a wide-reach black and white palette that is not so distracted by color strobing." According to Dr. Gibson, if we're lucky, we have much to look forward to! Egret, Ridgefield, Washington, 2023Canada Goose, Ridgefield, Washington, 2023Seagull, Manzanita, OregonHummingbird, Costa Rica, 2023Hummingbird, Costa Rica, 2023Osprey, Sauvie Island, Oregon, 2023Tree and Cloud, Tecate, Mexico, 2023Cloud Forest, Costa Rica, 2023