Sand, 2016Leaf, New Orleans, 2015Hide and Seek, New Orleans, 2015Tree of Life, 2018White Dress, 2017Toes, 2010Felt Hat, 2014Kumquats, 2013Garden, New Orleans, 2011Wet Curls, 2015Swirl, 2015Sidewalk Chalk, New OrleansLime Tree, 2016Hillside, 2016Garden Hose, 2016Head in Hand. 2013Profile, New OrleansCurly Hair, 2017Bedroom Door, 2017Baseball Game, New Orleans, 2017Fading Light, 2015Mom and Dad's Bed, New Orleans, 2015Chalkboard, 2017Rose Petals, 2016Balance, 2017Split Lip, New OrleansFresh Haircut, New OrleansSword, 2017Barrel, 2017Bumble Bee, 2018Long HairHand Shadow, 2018Back Door, New Orleans, 2017Mother and Daughter, New Orleans, 2016Contortion, New Orleans, 2016