Unlike work I’ve made before, “Dreams and Other Things” is a confluence of photographs, filters, colors, drawings, and my imagination. These landscapes have become places of refuge - dreamy escapes to which I can retreat from the sadness, anxiety, divisiveness, and uncertainty that began permeating our daily lives in 2016.

By manipulating them, something I’ve never done with my photographs before, I feel as if I have more control over what’s happening around me. They also serve to remind me it's critical to maintain a sense of hope, which, as defined by human rights activist Desmond Tutu, is simply “the ability to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”


Lone Seagull in FlightYellow BirdBoy and Birds, 2021Snow Geese in Blue SkyLone FigureCartwheel, 2021KiteChild in BlueCannon BeachSeagull in BlueTrees and Snow GeeseHerd of ElkThree SeagullsTree SculptureNear BendHenry on DunesSeagull and Beach GrassSeagull on ShorelineLarge CrowChild Walking AloneWispy CloudBirds on a WirePoplar TreesFive White BirdsSeagull From BehindBlue Sky with Snow GeeseFull Moon with PelicansGolden Sunset, Sauvie Island, 2020Hiker, OregonLow Clouds, Sauvie Island, 2020Pastel Sky, Sauvie Island, 2020ReflectionsSauvie Island BeachSix BirdsSunriseThree Birds in BlueTwo Crows